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Black Men Are Caregivers

At our Fifth Annual Juneteenth celebration, we aim to create a vibrant and empowering gathering that specifically honors the strength, resilience, and contributions of Black men. Our goal is to establish a space that recognizes their rich heritage, celebrates their accomplishments, and cultivates a sense of unity within our community.

As we commemorate Juneteenth, our celebration goes beyond acknowledging the historical significance of emancipation. We emphasize the ongoing journey towards justice, equality, and empowerment. We envision sparking conversations that drive positive change, promote unity, and contribute to a future where every Black man is acknowledged, respected, and celebrated as the remarkable individual they are.

Together, we envision our Juneteenth celebration as a beacon of empowerment, fostering pride, connection, and solidarity among Black men and the broader community. Through this event, we aspire to contribute to a world where the legacy of Black men is not only recognized but celebrated, ensuring that their stories inspire generations to come.

Our vision is to showcase the diverse talents, leadership, and cultural richness of local Black men, highlighting their positive impact on society. We aim to create an atmosphere that uplifts, inspires, and fosters a deeper understanding of the unique experiences of Black men as they care for community by being who they are - husbands, brothers, mentors, fathers, uncles, providers, companions, volunteers, loved ones, and so much more.

Nominate someone you know who deserves to be recognized for their contributions as a care giver! 

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