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My name is Tanya Londo, and I was born and raised in Door County WI.  I am currently finishing up my social work program at the University of Wisconsin Green Bay and will be graduating this May 2022.  I have an emphasis in child welfare where I want to make sure both parents and children receive the services and support that they need.   I am a member of the Phi Alpha Society-Phi Delta Chapter.  This means I received high honors in the social work curriculum, and I am dedicated to a lifetime of social justice work.  I have facilitated the organization and supplies of nine Green Bay public schools and their caring closets.  This boosted my understanding of the needs that some students and their families face daily. 

My husband and I were blessed with two miracles, a son through adoption and a biological daughter.   I have a strong desire to work in the Black community after seeing firsthand my son's experiences with racial microaggressions.  Seeing the pain in his eyes was a motivator for me to want to advocate for change.  I was thrilled when I was given the opportunity to intern here at, We All Rise.  This opportunity gave me first-hand experience of seeing the many inequities that clients are facing.  Anti-racism is an ongoing lifelong journey for me.  My advice for some is If you aren’t seeing racism, you don’t know what to look for, because it is happening.  Let's uplift and support each other so that we can all live our best lives.  I am looking forward to continuing our journey of healing, empowerment, and advocacy together.

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