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Executive Director

Robin Nicole Scott, born on August 6th, 1991, on the south-side of Chicago, Illinois is an activist, public intellectual, and writer who advocates for the oppressed. Currently an Executive Director for We All Rise: African American Resource Center, she strives to help black youth and their families be positive participants of healthy relationships and be intentional about their investments in black history and culture. As a community activist, Founder, Feminist & Mom Boss—she is impressed with our community members and their intentionality around healing together. Robin works endlessly to ensure that her teachings are derived from the historical foundation of true mentorship which includes creating safe places, belonging and togetherness as we all move forward in progress. 

Currently, writing the book Let Me Be Here for YOU While YOU Stand Up For YOURSELF, she asserts that there are no current writings that gives a realistic view of her coined term ‘African Americanism.’ This book discusses race, culture, and spirituality as it all comes together to form the black experience. As a passionate community member, she intends for her work to touch the lives of many and bring homage to those living with the margins or race, class, and gender and managing every day to find ways to live their best lives. 

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