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Robin Scott's DreamDrive Statement

The following statement is from Robin Scott, We All Rise Executive Director at the DreamDrive Press Conference on Wednesday, July 28th, 2021 at Lambeau Field. To read more about #DreamDrive2021, view our gallery, or links to press releases, click here.

"Hi, my name is Robin Scott and I am so excited to be here with you all today. I know wholeheartedly that the Packers and American Family Insurance as well as the community have been instrumental in pushing the work of We All Rise forward. This Dream Drive initiative will not only get folks moving and biking and be a beautiful family activity, but it will also allow for the healing in nature that we so desperately need after being in our homes for so long in order to slow the spread of COVID-19. I get to stand up here alongside changemakers from our community, folks who are really intentional about their investments, and I could not be more excited to share with you all the work that we do at our social service agency.

The vision of We All Rise is to create and help restore a vibrant African American community. We do that through uplifting, skill-building, and intentionally targeting the root causes of oppression. Our clients are comprised of those that have experienced multiple victimizations such as, domestic violence, sexual assault, or family violence and are seeking supportive services. As a resource center, we understand that when you are doing any sort of supportive or healing work, an agency must pull out all the stops for folks. That is why at We All Rise, we will help you find safe shelter, permanent housing, an array of free and comprehensive psychological services, make referrals to other community resources or we may simply just help support one of our survivors with meals until payday. There are very few barriers we aren't willing to walk through with our clients if they want to venture that way. We offer wrap-around services on-site at our agency five days a week as well as operate a 24-hour crisis line in order for folks to receive support when they need it the most.

At the core of this movement work that we do each and every day is our young people. In 2017 I was shocked to learn that less than 1% of African American youth participated in any afterschool activities. I started building a 28-week curriculum centering on black history, black culture, and healthy relationships. Fast forward to 2021, we now have a youth center that every day of the week, gives black youth a place to be unapologetically free. And we are currently building one of the largest collections of books by black authors featuring stories and illustrations of black people spanning all genres. In addition to over 300 youth, agency-wide we currently are serving 1,300 young people, adults, and elders all local in our Greater Green Bay Community.

The reality is that anti-blackness exists in every culture and community. And in the midst of a national uprising, our community has decided to celebrate, support, and uplift black lives. To join the movement drop into our center located at 430 S Webster Ave, visit our website at , or call us at 920-785-9115. We look forward to building a beloved community."

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