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5th Annual Juneteenth Celebration

Welcome to our Event Page! Click the buttons below for quick links or scroll through to see the event plans in full!

At our Fifth Annual Juneteenth celebration, we aim to create a vibrant and empowering gathering that specifically honors the strength, resilience, and contributions of Black men. Our goal is to establish a space that recognizes their rich heritage, celebrates their accomplishments, and cultivates a sense of unity within our community.

As we commemorate Juneteenth, our celebration goes beyond acknowledging the historical significance of emancipation. We emphasize the ongoing journey towards justice, equality, and empowerment. We envision sparking conversations that drive positive change, promote unity, and contribute to a future where every Black man is acknowledged, respected, and celebrated as the remarkable individual they are.

Together, we envision our Juneteenth celebration as a beacon of empowerment, fostering pride, connection, and solidarity among Black men and the broader community. Through this event, we aspire to contribute to a world where the legacy of Black men is not only recognized but celebrated, ensuring that their stories inspire generations to come.

Event Date: Saturday, June 15th 2024

Event Location: Joannes Park (215 S Baird Street, Green Bay WI 54301)

Our Theme.

Our Theme

Black Men. Are. Caregivers.

Our vision is to showcase the diverse talents, leadership, and cultural richness of local Black men, highlighting their positive impact on society. We aim to create an atmosphere that uplifts, inspires, and fosters a deeper understanding of the unique experiences of Black men as they care for community by being who they are - husbands, brothers, mentors, fathers, uncles, providers, companions, volunteers, loved ones, and so much more.

Please take a few moments to nominate Black men who you know fit this theme. Nominations can be submitted here

Volunteers & Wishlists.

Volunteers & WishLists

Support. Our. Celebration.

An event of this magnitude does not happen without the generous support of volunteers! Volunteer roles for the day include event set up/ tear down, sports equipment manager, floaters, inflatables supervisor, cleanliness volunteer, and photography volunteer!  Sign up a team or as an individual with the link here.

Another way that you can support the event is by purchasing items from our Wish List! All items can be donated by drop off or mailing to We All Rise at 430 S Webster Ave, Green Bay WI 54301. Click here to check out our wish list!

Our Sponsors!

Juneteenth Sponsors

Huge thank you to each one of our sponsors, without you, this celebration would not be possible. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of our 5th Annual Juneteenth Celebration, click here to view our sponsorship guide

Our Vendors.

Huge thank you to our vendors who make our event so special each and every year. If you have questions related to vendors at our event, please contact Stephanie Ortiz at or call/text (920) 770-9268.


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