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New Year's Announcement

We are so excited to share a New Year’s announcement with you all. After evaluating our first year of operating a brick and mortar African American Resource Center, we identified the need for additional male support for our male clientele.

Thanks to our partners at Wisconsin State - Department of Children and Families (DCF); we are able to add two more incredible male advocates to the We All Rise team. We are so thrilled that Charles Caston and Devin Tinnon are joining our team to help support, uplift, and celebrate black lives. Special thank you to DCF for funding this exciting initiative to center more focus at our organization on male advocacy and holistic healing. Stay tuned for upcoming programs, groups, and sessions that center black male healing in our community.

In addition to adding two new male advocates, we are also pleased to introduce our new Sexual Assault Advocate, Ebony Austin. Ebony has been volunteering with We All Rise for over a year and we are beyond thrilled to bring her on staff. She is coming aboard to start our second year as a dual service provider here in Green Bay.

Charles, Devin, and Ebony all bring so much life, energy, and passion to our space. We are so excited and honored to have them all working with us here at We All Rise. Please take a couple of moments to read through their bios below.

Please join us in welcoming Devin, Charles, and Ebony!

Devin Tinnon is 29 years young and grew up in the Milwaukee area. He bounced back and forth between Milwaukee and Green Bay as a youth and young adult. Growing up and becoming the man he is today, he faced many hurdles, mountains, and burdens that weigh very heavy on his heart. He was incarcerated for four years due to bad choices in his life, trying to support his family, and choosing the fast route. He found nothing but brief gratification that only cause more pain and loss of trust with family and friends.

Devin is very passionate about "fighting for people who can't fight for themselves". Helping people in need that don't have the knowledge, strength, mentality or even the courage to help themselves. Devin is very artistic. He also loves being a dad to his and 7-year-old son who is also very loving. He can't go a day without him.

Charles Caston is currently working at We All Rise: African American Resource Center as a Crime Victim Advocate. Born August 10th, 1991, Charles is a Milwaukee, WI native. As a father of 5, son, brother and mentor to many Charles is motivated by what he believes is the true root of Advocacy. “Advocacy is not something that can be taught. Advocacy is something you become accustomed to because you go through trials and triumphs and begin to understand that it is not enough to just talk others through things but that I have a unique responsibility as a black man to listen to others and support the through life trusting fully that they know exactly what they need to both heal and progress in unison”. Charles currently serves as a commentator for Brotherhood Basketball League of Green Bay, WI. Charles previously coached Green Bay East future stars totaling 3 seasons and is an active member of community groups in Northeast, WI with missions of supporting black folks who navigate at the margins of society. Charles currently facilitates FEST (Fathers, Everywhere, Stand, Together), at the agency and is always inspired by a Malcom X quote which states “A man who stands for nothing will fall for anything”.

Ebony Austin was born on August 5th 1989 in Milwaukee, WI. She is currently working at We All Rise AARC as an advocate. Previously, Ebony has worked in health care within the Green Bay area. Ebony has a heart to help people. She grew up around crime and has lost family members to violent crime. Ebony loves to connect with people and get them guided on their way. She wishes We All Rise was around for her grandparents so they wouldn't have had to suffer the way they did. Because helping people is a natural source that pure hearts hold, when connecting with her clients she sends them on their journey to success. She walks with them through the ropes and hopes of showing them they can do it. Ebony enjoys reading, writing, poetry, and music. She graduated from Preble High School and now has 2 children, Jayquez and J'ream.

Ebony is a hard working, natural, loving, mother. She sees only the good in everybody. Truly believe no matter your background you deserve a chance.

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