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Holiday Giving 2021

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

Thank you so much for your consideration for donating to We All Rise this holiday season. Our work would simply not be what it is today without all the generosity from our community. If you are new to our organization, or simply want to know more about our work in 2021, we hope you check out our End of Year Report.

We ask that you take a scroll through this page to ensure you give in the way(s) that is best for you and your family this year. If you have any questions, please reach out to us. Thank you in advance for your generosity in supporting, uplifting, and celebrating black lives!


Offer one of our families some support this holiday season, if you are interested in adopting one of our families, please email to learn more about this opportunity.

You can help ensure that black youth in our community have access to books that were written and illustrated by people who look and sound like them. Click here to view our book wish list.

This holiday season, give the gift that keeps on giving. Join a very special team at our organization, join our Monthly Investors. Our Monthly Investors choose the amount they would like to give and set up automatic withdraws.

Here at We All Rise, we believe in a village mentality; our community functions best when we are coming together for one another. This is why we believe so deeply in the power that is built when people rally around an organization or individual. We have seen this happen time and time again in a community that is as resource-rich as Green Bay.

Click here to join our Monthly Investor team.

As an agency that serves the most marginalized folks in our community, we want to be sure we always have basic necessities and hygiene items here on-site for our clients but also our survivors of DV and SA who are fleeing violent situations, rebuilding their lives, or beginning to unpack and deal with endless trauma. Help us to restock our hygiene closet for the winter - click here to view the list.

Holiday Wish List 2021
Download PDF • 343KB

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