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Dollar Tree Donations

As an agency that serves the most marginalized folks in our community, we want to be sure we always have basic necessities and hygiene items here on-site for our clients but also our survivors of DV and SA who are fleeing violent situations, rebuilding their lives, or beginning to unpack and deal with endless trauma. We have been asking community to support our hygiene closet while embracing culturally specific hygiene that nourishes black hair, body, and soul. Any donations we have received in the past month have already left our shelves and we haven't been able to restock our closets.

With fall being just around the corner we are already beginning to see an increase in requests for basic necessities. Check out our Dollar Tree Donation Wish List below - whether you are looking to donate 15 of one specific item, 50 items, or multiple of each item of the list we appreciate you investing in making sure our clients have access to these essentials necessities. We thank you in advance for your generosity in celebrating, supporting, and uplifting black lives.

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