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April, May, June 2023 by Numbers

The numbers are in! The following data includes both the demographics of survivors served by our agency from April 1st, 2023 through June 30th, 2023, and the services they received throughout that timeframe.

Our agency served 622 survivors throughout this quarter. Of the 622 survivors 216 of them were new clients (never received services before at our agency) and 406 of them were returning clients (have received services).

Of the 216 new clients served throughout April, May and June of this year, the following breaks down their demographics:


37.9% identify as male

62.1% identify as female



Our agency served 622 survivors throughout this quarter. The following is a breakdown of the individualized services provided through April, May, and June of 2023.

377 Survivors received Information and Referral Services

42 accounts of information about the criminal justice process.

709 accounts of information about victim rights, how to obtain notifications, etc.

887 accounts of referrals to other victim service programs.

1,631 accounts of referral to other services, supports, or resources.

570 Survivors received Personal Advocacy/Accompaniment (Adv/Acc) Services

244 Survivors received Emotional Support or Safety Services

21 Survivors received Criminal/Civil Justice Assistance

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