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Domestic Violence Awareness Month 2023

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Domestic Violence Awareness Month is point in time, observed every October, to raise awareness about of domestic violence in our communities. The purpose of this month is to educate people about the warning signs of domestic violence, the effects of abuse, power and control, and how to seek help if they are experiencing abuse.

This month is important for black survivors of domestic violence because they are disproportionately affected by this issue. Research has shown that black women are more likely to experience domestic violence than women of other races. Additionally, black survivors of domestic violence often face additional barriers to seeking help, such as lack of resources, cultural stigma, and fear of retaliation.

By bringing attention to this issue during Domestic Violence Awareness Month, we can help to break down these barriers and encourage black survivors to seek the support and resources they need to escape abusive situations. This month also provides an opportunity for advocates, organizations, and community members to come together to support survivors, raise awareness, and work towards ending domestic violence in all communities.

Want to support domestic violence services at our agency? Consider making a donation, by clicking here. Or donate to our agency wish list, found here.

Interested or in need of services? If you yourself or someone you know is struggling with domestic violence, please reach out. We offer intakes on site during the following hours: Monday 9 am-4 pm, Tuesday 9 am-4 pm, Wednesday 9 am-4 pm, Thursday 5 pm-8 pm, and Friday 9 am-4 pm weekly. We do intakes on a walk-in basis so that you can come in whenever is convenient for you during the above-listed times, and staff will be ready and available to assist you. Our agency is located at 430 S Webster Ave, Green Bay, WI 54301. If you would like to talk to our staff on intakes directly, you can call 920-770-9278 (if no one answers, this means our staff is currently in an intake, so please leave a message including your contact info so staff can call you back). Need support outside of business hours? Call or text our crisis line at 920-600-4313.

Other local Green Bay resources for help and support:

Wise Women Gathering Place (

Catholic Charities of Green Bay (

Other Wisconsin resources for help and support:

Help of Door County (

Hmong Family Strengthening Helpline (

Other national resources for help and support:

National Domestic Violence Hotline (@ndvhofficial): 800-799-7233 (SAFE) or text START to 88788

Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (@rainn): 1-800-656-4673

National Child Abuse Hotline/Childhelp (@childhelp): 1-800-422-4453

National Resource Center on Domestic Violence (@nrcdv): 1-800-537-2238

Children’s Defense Fund (@childdefender1973): 202-628-8787

National Deaf Domestic Violence Hotline (@deafhotline): 855-812-1001

Deaf Abused Women’s Network: 202-559-5366

National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center (@niwrc): 855-649-7299

National Clearinghouse on Abuse in Later Life ( 1-608-255-0539

StrongHearts Native Helpline (@strongheartsDV)

Women’s Aid (@womens_aid)

Futures Without Violence (@futureswithoutviolence)

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