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Devin Tinnon is 29 years young and grew up in the Milwaukee area. He bounced back and forth between Milwaukee and Green Bay as a youth and young adult. Growing up and becoming the man he is today, he faced many hurdles, mountains, and burdens that weigh very heavy on his heart. He was incarcerated for four years due to bad choices in his life, trying to support his family, and choosing the fast route. He found nothing but brief gratification that only cause more pain and loss of trust with family and friends.
Devin is very passionate about "fighting for people who can't fight for themselves". Helping people in need that don't have the knowledge, strength, mentality or even the courage to help themselves. Devin is very artistic. He also loves being a dad to his and 7-year-old son who is also very loving. He can't go a day without him.

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