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Crime Victim Advocate

Charles Caston is currently working at We All Rise: African American Resource Center as a Crime Victim Advocate.  Born August 10th, 1991,Charles is a Milwaukee, WI native.  As a father of 5, son, brother and mentor to many Charles is motivated by what he believes is the true root of Advocacy. “Advocacy is not something that can be taught. Advocacy is something you become accustomed to because you go through trials and triumphs and begin to understand that it is not enough to just talk others through things but that I have a unique responsibility as a black man to listen to others and support them through life trusting fully that they know exactly what they need to both heal and progress in unison”.

Charles currently serves as a commentator for Brotherhood Basketball League of Green Bay, WI.  Charles previously coached Green Bay East future stars totaling 3 seasons and is an active member of community groups in Northeast, WI with missions of supporting black folks who navigate at the margins of society. Charles currently facilitates FEST (Fathers, Everywhere, Stand, Together), at the agency and is always inspired by a Malcom X quote which states “A man who stands for nothing will fall for anything”.

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