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2022 Pantry Restock

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

We are so excited that due to an increased capacity in storage and freezer space, we can now expand our food services within our agency. With this exciting expansion, we are also looking for the following donations.

Questions? Please contact Rachel at 920-770-9272 or

What is the pantry used for at our agency?

  • Meals for our youth programming sessions.

  • Survivors who seek services and are facing immediate food insecurity are connected to more long-term food solutions in our communities, like pantries. Still, survivors need food access immediately until they and their families can access pantries.

  • Clients struggling with homelessness or transitions throughout their lives often request food support from advocates for a short period while waiting to access more long-term support, their next paycheck, or emergent situations that arise.

  • Meals are made throughout the week for clients, survivors, young people, and elders who are homeless or simply in need of a meal.

"Food insecurity is real in our community. Our agency regularly has survivors coming through our doors who haven't eaten in days, diverted the limited food resources they receive toward their kids or are simply struggling to make ends meet. Having an onsite pantry allows us to respond in the moment to survivors' basic needs, which is an essential part of connecting survivors to more long-term solutions." - Rachel Strategic Communications & Marketing Director

Pantry Restock 2022
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