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Roychelle Norris was born October 15, 1986, in Chicago IL. She grew up in Milwaukee WI and has resided in Green Bay WI since 2003. Roychelle moved away to a different state in 2013 for development and growth of herself. She then moved back to Green Bay in 2020 due to her mother being diagnosed with several autoimmune diseases with Lupus being one of them. She felt it was important to be closer to family and friends. Roychelle worked in healthcare and customer service the majority of her adult life. She's also the mother of four children, two boys and two girls which she enjoys developing, educating,and nurturing them. Roychelle loves to cook new recipes, shopping online, listening to podcasts and helping people.


Roychelle started working at We All Rise AARC as a Domestic Violence Advocate. This role is very important to her because she is passionate about helping others and she knows first-hand the struggle of not being heard and feeling like you don't matter.she invites all to join her on this journey of empowerment and enrichment of knowledge so that she can be a voice for you.

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