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Updated: Apr 28, 2020

The past few weeks have been filled with change, challenge, and unknowns. Our clients are experiencing new barriers due to community and systematic shut down. We have also seen an influx in community members presenting at our doors due to receiving referrals from other service providers as well as limited accessibility. The current shutdowns mixed with the new barriers our clients are experiencing due to COVID-19 has meant we are spending money we usually would not have to. We continue to be committed to holistically serving our community through this epidemic.

As studies and data begin to emerge throughout the COVID-19 outbreak, we are already starting to see the disparities. Although the disease itself does not discriminate, there is a disproportionately negative effect on African Americans. We are seeing staggering rates of African Americans being infected, hospitalized, and dying from COVID-19. As of April 3rd 2020 in Milwaukee County, African Americans make up 26% of the population but half of their 945 confirmed cases are African Americans. Out of the 27 deaths within the county, 81% of those are African American. What we know is that pandemics like this hit the poor, vulnerable, and marginalized the hardest. As this outbreak continues, the numbers are only going to continue to increase. Statistics as chilling as these only reinforce the need to invest in community-based solutions that are invested in black folks.

We are very thankful for the support of Brown County United Way, Greater Green Bay Community Foundation, Green Bay Packers, and US Venture, as well as generous community support. The critical work we are doing through this COVID-19 pandemic would not be possible without this ongoing support. Thank you all for your investment in our work to celebrate, support, and uplift black lives during this crucial time. We also wanted to give a very special thank you for our community members that have started with less and have managed to give to those with nothing.

Thank you to the following organizations, groups, and individuals that have gone above and beyond for us during this time:

-GBPAS lunch meal program. A special thank you for employees that have personally delivered meals to our offices for clients facing transportation barriers.

-Tameika Hughes-Foote for delivering meals for our staff and clients.

-Mike Westenberg for donating and delivering food multiple times throughout the past weeks.

-COMSA (Community Services Agency Inc) for their assistance with translations.

-Peter Cardinal for making our youth waiting room possible during this time.

-Green Bay Police Department for their DV Victim supports.

-Paul's Pantry for collaborating with us to get our clients food.

-House of Hope for supporting with diapers and wipes.

-Tara and Jason Fogo for the generous donation of hygiene items.

-A huge thank you to Green Bay East High School Social Workers for their generous donations of food, hygiene products, and other essentials.

-Karen Thomas for the monetary donation and gift of towels, bedding, Lysol, soap, paper towels and more.

-Next Level Champions for the donation of gas cards.

-Mark Williams for the donation of McDonalds gift cards.

-Thank you to everyone who brought in food, hygiene items, clothing, and other needed items.

Thank you to all the following donors and foundations:

Brown County United Way

Greater Green Bay Community Foundation

Green Bay Packers

US Venture

Brenda and John Warren Fund

Casey Hicks

Katie Sulzer

David & Jenene Calloway

Sara Anderson

Michael Mueller

Liz MacAskill

Antonia Nelson

Jamie Whalen

Jackie Thiry

Ruth Homrighaus

Christina Love

David Wallace

Rachel Rasmussen

Sharon Mancheski

Kristina and Jon Shelton

Colleen Vidlock

Tasha & Tyrome Ingram

Mary Klos

Kelly Lamas

Ellen Larson

Bonnie and Larry Viste

Pat Schock

Terra Fewless

Kim Hlavka

Marikathryn Nooe

Milly Gonzales

Marianne Radley

Michelle Langenfeld

Chris Engstrom

Jimmie Riley

Bobbie Webster

Beth Heller

Jennifer Chevalier

Alice Skenandore

Maggie Gau

Melissa Ludin

Antonia Nelson

Natalie Bomstad

Linda Bornbach

Ron and Jackie Wickman

Katrina Bodart

Kathleen Stitman

Brenda Jones

Julie Braun

Noah Reif

Kiana Rivera

Justin Sandherr

Lindsay Dorff

Loren Prince

Joyce Calderon

Jennifer Arndt

Chris Nimmer

Susan DeRuyter

Mary Seis

Samantha Woods

Caitlin Oleson

Thank you to everyone who donated anonymously as well!

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