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Support a Family this Holiday 2022

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

Thank you so much for your interest in supporting one of our families this holiday season. We have many families of all sizes with many needs – community elders, families with multiple children, young couples, and everyone in between. We typically ask donors how much they are looking to donate so we can help to identify a family of appropriate size. Please fill out the following form to express your interest:

Once the referral is made, you will receive the first names of family members, their ages & genders, as well as interests, needs, and hobbies.

We ask that gifts or gift cards be dropped off at the agency (430 S Webster Ave, Green Bay, WI 54301) on Monday, December 19th, or Tuesday, December 20th, 2022, entirely wrapped so families can pick them up shortly after that.

To start this process, fill out the form above. After reviewing the Frequently Asked Questions below, please contact me directly with any questions by email at or by text or call at 920-770-9272.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How are families chosen for participation?

    • Our referrals come directly from our advocates who work side with side survivors in our community. This ensures that survivors who are ineligible at other support programs or in the greatest need are brought forward for referral opportunities.

  • The personal information I enter into the google form, is that confidential?

    • It absolutely is. Our donor, volunteer, and client data is confidential and treated as such. The information you enter is kept for record & receipt of the donation.

  • Can I support more than one family or individual?

    • Yes - when staff follows up with you on your form, please share the requested donation amount and details with staff to ensure we can match you with family(ies) accordingly.

  • Are there other ways I can donate this holiday season?

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