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Financial Wellness

Looking for support with credit score repair, how to manage, working on your mindset or other financial wellness questions? Come to our Financial Wellness Sessions with Garrick Roby! This is a service that is open to all We All Rise Clients. If you aren't a client, make sure that you contact us about an intake ASAP!

Sessions take place every Tuesday from 3pm-5pm at We All Rise (430 S Webster Ave, Green Bay WI 54301). Please note that childcare will be provided. No appointment is required.

The first Tuesday of every month (during the same time and location as listed above) Garrick will offer a Financial Wellness presentation covering topics like: How does money work? How do I protect my money? How do I build savings? When should I start investing? And so much more.

Financial Wellness Final Draft
Download PDF • 300KB

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