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COVID-19 Update; we need your help.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, We All Rise: African American Resource Center has continued to operate normal hours with precautions put in place to help protect both our staff and our clients. With the "Safe-At-Home" order, most service provider organizations have closed their doors, operating with a limited amount of services and support while staff work from home. Most shelters in the area have understandably put restrictions in place such as halting intakes for the foreseen future and implementing guidelines of when and under what circumstances clients can leave. We have seen an influx of community members presenting at our doors due to other service provider referrals as well as limited accessibility. Clients have new barriers they are experiencing each day due to the virus. These new barriers, along with the limited accessibility of receiving services from others, leaves us very few options in the current circumstances. This has meant paying fees and spending emergency funds we usually don’t have to. Being a small and new nonprofit organization, we are very concerned about our limited funds being depleted due to this crisis. Our staff is committed to daily check in, with other agencies to keep up-to-date with how we can as a community holistically serve our clients during these hard times. Click here to read more of our statement.

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