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Become a WAR Monthly Investor

Did you know, you can become a monthly investor of We All Rise? You choose the amount and the day of the month you want the automatic withdrawal to come out. We are so thankful for the monthly investors that have carried us through our first two years as a nonprofit. We need you to join our team of monthly investors!

Here at We All Rise, we believe in a village mentality; our community functions best when we are coming together for one another. This is why we believe so deeply in the power that is built when people rally around an organization or individual. We have seen this happen time and time again in a community that is as resource rich as Green Bay.

When we think of the power that monthly investors bring to our organization, we think of freedom. The reality is that being a new organization, we rely very heavily on our grantors for organizational support. If we had 100 people become monthly investors at We All Rise, investing $15/month, that would be an additional $18,000 per year brought into our organization for unrestricted funds. We need you to join our incredible team of monthly investors to make this vision of continuing to build our unrestricted funds possible.

To join the team of monthly investors, click here to be directed to our online giving portal. Enter the amount you would like to have automatically withdrawn each month.

Not sure about joining our team of monthly investors yet? That's okay, check out these other ways to give:

  • Our online portal also allows you to make a quarterly, annual donation, or one time donation online, by clicking here. Or you can donate by cash or check (made out to We All Rise AARC) and sending it to We All Rise AARC PO Box 654, Green Bay, WI 54305

  • Check out our Amazon Wish List, by clicking here. You can send all package donations to We All Rise AARC at 430 S Webster Ave, Green Bay WI 54301.

  • Check out our organizational wish list by clicking here.

Huge thanks to our monthly investors below!

​Anna G

Rachel K

Noah R

Kelly R

Chris W

Norma S

​Jana G

Elisabeth H

Rachel W

Annika R

Celia O

Jayne F

​Mary K

Charolette B

Hallie S

Tina B

Jessica M

Breann C

Miles C

​Marena B

Katie C

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