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2022 Quarterly Number Breakdown

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Throughout July, August, and September of 2022, our agency served 772 survivors in our community. Below is a detailed breakdown of both the clientele served and the services provided.


New Survivors Throughout the Quarter

Of the 772 survivors served, 220 were new clients, meaning they hadn't previously received services at our agency before this quarter. They completed their initial comprehensive intake with our agency in July, August, or September of 2022.

Racial/Ethnicity Breakdown

Gender Breakdown

Age Breakdown


Types of Victimizations

Of the 772 survivors served, the following are breakdowns according to victimization. Of the 772 survivors served, 88.86% disclosed multiple victimizations upon their initial intake.

  • 573 folks disclosed victimization of adult physical assault.

  • 239 folks disclosed an adult sexual assault victimization.

  • 316 folks adults disclosed sexual abuse or assault as a child.

  • 105 folks disclosed arson victimization.

  • 441 folks disclosed bullying (i.e., verbal, cyber, or physical) violence throughout their lifetime.

  • 249 folks disclosed burglary victimizations.

  • 112 folks reported child physical abuse or neglect.

  • 37 folks disclosed victimizations related to child pornography.

  • 552 folks disclosed victimizations for domestic and/or family violence.

  • 173 folks disclosed victimizations for DUI/DWI incidents.

  • 117 folks disclosed victimizations for elder abuse or neglect

  • 464 folks disclosed victimization for a hate crime (i.e., racial, religious, gender, sexual orientation).

  • 99 folks disclosed victimization for human trafficking labor.

  • 121 folks disclosed victimization for human trafficking sex.

  • 264 folks disclosed victimization for identity theft/ fraud/ financial crime.

  • 65 folks disclosed victimization for kidnapping non-custodial.

  • 47 folks disclosed victimization for kidnapping custodial.

  • 286 folks disclosed victimization for mass violence (domestic/ international)

  • 161 folks disclosed victimization for vehicular victimization

  • 297 folks disclosed victimization for robbery.

  • 331 folks disclosed victimization for stalking/ harassment.

  • 296 folks disclosed victimization for survivors of homicide victims.

  • 142 folks disclosed victimization for teen dating victimization.

  • 73 folks disclosed victimization for terrorism (domestic/ international).


Special Classifications

Of the 772 survivors served, the following are breakdowns of special classification.

  • 2.1% of survivors are deaf or hard of hearing.

  • 38.2% of survivors are homeless.

  • 0.09% of survivors are immigrants, refugees, or asylum seekers.

  • 1.8% of survivors are LGBTQIA+

  • 1.2% of survivors are veterans.

  • 17.9% of survivors have a disability (cognitive, physical, or mental).


Services Provided

Of the 772 survivors served, the following are breakdowns of the accounting of services provided.

Information and Referral Services

64.1% of the 772 survivors served this quarter received Information and Referral Services. The specific accounting of services provided is below.

36 - Information about the criminal justice process.

10 - Information about victim rights, how to obtain notifications, etc.

1,175 - Referral to other victim service programs.

6,192 - Referral to other services, supports, and resources.

Personal Advocacy/Accompaniment

Emotional Support or Safety Services

Criminal/Civil Justice System Assistance

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