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Sexual Assault Advocate
Ebony Austin 2022 .png

Ebony Austin was born on August 5th 1989 in Milwaukee, WI. She is currently working at We All Rise AARC as our Sexual Assault Advocate. Previously, Ebony has worked in health care within the Green Bay area. Ebony has a heart to help people. She grew up around crime and has lost family members to violent crime. Ebony loves to connect with people and get them guided on their way. She wishes We All Rise was around for her grandparents so they wouldn't have had to suffer the way they did. Because helping people is a natural source that pure hearts hold, when connecting with her clients she sends them on their journey to success. She walks with them through the ropes and hopes of showing them they can do it. Ebony enjoys reading, writing, poetry, and music. She graduated from Preble High School and now has 3 children, Jayquez and J'ream and James lll. 

Ebony is a hard working, natural, loving, mother. She sees only the good in everybody. Truly believe no matter your background you deserve a chance.

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