Crime Victim Advocate

Dexter McKinney was born on July 25th 1989 and raised in Jackson Tennessee, until his mom, brother, and himself relocated to Green Bay, Wisconsin when he was 13. He later graduated from Green Bay Southwest High School. He learned an important life lesson from this experience, that those you surround yourself with have a great impact in your life. "Their stuff becomes your stuff." This understanding really leads his advocacy work at We All Rise. He works side by side with his clients on their healing journey always remembering that those that are around you can help, lift you up, and cheer you on but they can also stop, stunt, or take you off that course. In addition to Dexter's work at We All Rise, he facilities Healing in Harmony Men's Group until COVID and looks forward to future facilitation.

Dexter is a big hearted Leo who leads with courage and has a unique understanding of life. He speaks his mind and shows up hard for those around him. He is a firm believer that we are all care givers of the world and there is nothing new under the sun. We have all knowledge of the world, but what disconnects us is extreme technology (i.e. phones, TV's, video games, ultimately social media).

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