I was born in Waukegan, Illinois February 20th, 2002  but have been in Wisconsin for most of my school years and understand how hard it is for Black and Brown kids to fit into a predominantly white school and the challenges and mental health issues that come with it. Seeing how hard it was for me and other black and brown students I decided to try and make a change for not only myself but my peers I began by going to the superintendent and then the board and other important people within the school district it helped a little bit they hired 3 Black people and started to offer us more culturally inclined activities I also led the first walkout it was challenging and very scary but I overcame it with the help and support from my mother Dena Williams (Lead Advocate). Working with kids has always been very easy for me. I enjoy making kids happy. Just seeing the excitement on their face when they get to experience new things really warms my heart especially the kids who don't get to try new things or never have done anything outside of school field trips. Black and brown students deserve to be happy and to experience a new way of life other than the life the world has painted for them and my job as the Youth Educator allows me to keep them dreaming and as pure and innocent as they are. The Youth is our future Black youth is our future so how much we put into them is what we mold the world to be. 

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