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Where "healthy relationships" grow & the young people are unapologetically free.


About Black Youth Alliance - Wisconsin

Black Youth Alliance - WI started back in 2017, when our Executive Director, Robin Tinnon, learned that less than 1% of our youth were enrolled in after school programming. She than began working to establish safe and unapologetic space where our black youth could learn their history, increase their self advocacy, and become more positive participants in healthy relationships.


Our current curriculum consists of 28 weeks of after school programming for over 150 middle and high school aged youth.  Since 2017, when Black Youth Alliance - WI was started we have seen tremendous success. Throughout this 28 week program we have found that 75% of all participants complete the full program. When you factor in transiency into these rates, (i.e., families moving around the city, into different cities, being homeless ect) 90% of our youth fully complete the program.  


"We do it for the youth."

-Robin Tinnon

Our inspiration for We All Rise: African American Resource Center came from our youth work. In order to fully support our youth, we must be able to support the family unit as a whole.


Contact Information:

Phone Number: 920-785-9115

Center Address: 430 S Webster Ave, Green Bay WI 54301

Mailing Address: PO Box 654, Green Bay WI 54305

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Center Hours and Intakes:

We All Rise: African American Resource Center is open Monday through Friday from 9am-5pm. Please be advised: Thursday's we are open by appointment only.

Never been to our organization? Come for an intake; we offer intakes Monday through Wednesday from 9am-4pm and Friday's from 9am-4pm.

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